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Mila Falls has teamed up with guitarist and producer Marius Ptas AKA Slickersson to create an album that captures her love for a whole range of different genres.

“Remember Me” takes you on a journey through 70s funk, 80s synth pop, and 90s electronica all strung together with Mila’s raspy soul vocals and Slickersson’s definitive production sound. Lyrically, Mila has her heart firmly on her sleeve with this new record.


  1. In The Dark
  2. Magical
  3. Remember Me
  4. Can’t Let You Go
  5. No Fear
  6. Deeper
  7. Last Goodbye
  8. Waited For
  9. Remember Me (Piano Version)
Release date: 5th October 2015  Record Label: Went Too Far Records